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How are your prices so low compared to other companies?

At Aromaeasy, we value honesty and transparency. We are a non-MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company, selling online directly to the consumer, thus having have zero middle men.There is no need to sign up or become a member to avail the benefits of our wholesale pricing. We do not have any separate wholesale and retail “tiers” and “membership plans”, which often end up increasing the cost of products for everyone. Again, there are no additional markups for “distributors” and “retailers”, which would have been necessary if we also sold in stores or other marketing systems.

Our pricing is always wholesale, for every customer – our intention has always been to ensure the best quality natural oils and cosmetic ingredients are affordable for everyone – from new artisans with emerging businesses to established professional cosmetic manufacturers.

Are your oils therapeutic grade?

All Aromaeasy natural oils are 100% pure, free of additives, adulterants or dilutions. All of our products are rigorously tested and meet the highest possible standards. No pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, GMOs, or harmful chemicals are ever used during any stage of the growing or distilling process.

Our trusted suppliers strictly follow all USDA food/product safety guidelines. We perform testing (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) on each of our essential oils and reports are available upon request. These reports provide the breakdown of the natural components found in any given oil, ensuring the absolute highest quality.

Where do your oils and other natural products come from?

Our oils and other natural products come from all over the world, from some of the best distillers in the world. We have direct purchasing relationships with the carefully vetted network of the most reputable certified harvesters, farmers, distillers and suppliers from over 65 different countries around the world.

All of our growers are dedicated to purity and only grow or wild grow nurtured plant material using organic farming practices. They must meet strict and uncompromising quality benchmarks before we would consider buying from them.
You can easily determine the origin of any essential oils and other natural products in the detailed description on our website. Other products, such as essential oil blends, body butters, and essential oil scented candles, are formulated in-house at our own facility from the various ingredients we source from around the world.

Do you offer free samples?

In order to keep minimums low and prices low for all of our customers, we do not honor requests for free samples. We will charge a small handling fee for the samples. Get sample here

How can some companies offer free shipping when you don’t?

Shipping is never free. The company that offers free shipping is billed for the freight and you pay that freight within the prices of your products.

Not very transparent, and not in your best interest. At Aromaeasy, we like to keep things simple and transparent: We offer the lowest possible prices on all of our products, and you pay the actual shipping rates using the deep discount program that we contract with our shipping partners annually. Nothing is hidden.

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship internationally, across all major countries in the world. We have hugely subsidised shipping rates for delivery across all major countries across the world via Fedex International Priority service: an express, time-definite, customs-cleared, door-to-door service for international shipments (covering worldwide).
You can get the exact shipping costs for your order by entering the desired items in your cart, click checkout, then entering the shipping address details to view the available shipping options as well as the quotes for your order.

Can your essential oils be used internally?

We do not recommend general internal use of essential oils. There are several reasons why we cannot recommend essential oils, in general, for internal use. FDA regulations state that promoting any substance as safe for internal use suggests that it is a food, supplement, or drug, and essential oils have not been considered any of these things.
Our 100% pure essential oils are highly concentrated and have the ability to cause serious damage if used internally without the expertise to administer them.
We believe it can only be done with great respect for the power of essential oils, under the guidance of someone who is qualified in the internal use of essential oils, and someone who truly understands the chemical makeup of each individual oil. We don’t know what medications, amounts and allergies you may have and we want to make sure our customers are safe. That said, many of our loyal customers use our oils internally as they are of the highest quality available, but we leave that entirely up to the individual customer.

Are your essential oils and other natural products certified organic?

Our essential oils and other natural products are divided into 3 categories; certified organic, organic (not certified) and artisanal. Wild harvested oils are not farmed and therefore are not eligible for certification.

We only order from distillers that harvest wild from “clean” areas without spraying. We also have a line of USDA certified organic oils. Should you be bothered by the fact that some of our essential oils and natural products are not “certified organic”? It shouldn’t and there are several reasons why we are not pushing for certification for some of our essential oils and natural products.
We at Aromaeasy believe in sourcing essential oils and other natural products where they fit best so they are of the highest quality. This means that essential oils occasionally come from plants grown in different countries, which do not have organic standards like the USDA Certified Organic seal because each country has its own rules about organic practices. Also, although farmers living in third world countries may choose to farm without the use of pesticides, their products may not be considered organic due to the costs associated with certifications. In some cases, a certified organic form of an essential oil may not even exist. We rely on our relationship with the distiller and on their knowledge of good practices to ensure that the product is grown organically.

Second, not all products that the USDA considers organic are 100% pure or unadulterated. Why? Because according to USDA organic standards, “a raw or processed agricultural product that is sold, labeled, or represented as ‘organic’ must contain…not less than 95% organically produced raw or processed agricultural products.” This means that the remaining 5% could be synthetic components and the essential oil would still be considered organic.

The standards regulate the processes of the company and its suppliers. We only buy essential oils distilled from organically grown plants. In fact, while the USDA certification process only relates to growing conditions and final contamination levels, we also take the distillation and production methods of an essential oil very seriously, ensuring that our products are 100% pure. % pure, unadulterated with all natural and therapeutic ingredients. naturally occurring properties.

Having the “Certified Organic” label, therefore, does not guarantee the best possible product. On the other hand, the very strict standards of Aromaeasy regulate the processes of the company and its suppliers. We only buy essential oils distilled from organically grown plants. In fact, while the USDA certification process only relates to growing conditions and final contamination levels, we also take the distillation and production methods of an essential oil very seriously, ensuring that our products are 100% pure. % pure, unadulterated with all natural and therapeutic ingredients. naturally occurring properties.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Many essential oils do not have expiration dates. Essential oils like patchouli and sandalwood actually get better with age. In general, citrus oils have the shortest shelf life, followed by herbs and floral oils, then woods and resins, which can improve with time on the shelf. This is very general, and honestly, as long as you take care of your essential oils by storing them properly (consistent temperatures in low light), you probably don’t need to worry about them losing potency.

How are essential oils produced?

Pure essential oils can be produced by distillation or expression. The production method depends on the natural plant material that is processed. For example, citrus oils are commonly cold-pressed (“express”), while steam distillation is used for most herbs.

How does steam distillation work?

In steam distillation, plant material (such as flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds, or peel) is placed in a tank and steam is introduced to the bottom of the tank. The steam passes through the plant material, extracting the volatile (good) compounds. The vapors then flow through a coil where they condense back into a liquid, which is collected in a receiving vessel. This condensed liquid is then separated from the pure essential oil and distilled water from the plant.

At this point, the pure essential oil can be packaged for sale or further processed with processes such as “re-distilling.” The distilled water from the plant is called hydrosol, hydrosol, herbal distillate or plant water essence, which can be sold as another fragrant product. Popular hydrosols include rose water, lavender water, orange blossom water, lemon balm water, and sage water. Some vegetable hydrosols have an unpleasant odor and are therefore not sold.

What are absolutes?

Absolutes are thick, highly concentrated liquids derived from concentrates or resins. Traditionally, absolutes are made by dissolving concentrates in ethanol or another solvent, such as ethyl alcohol, which dissolves the low molecular weight fragrance compounds. The alcohol is then removed in a second distillation. So all you are left with in the end is the absolute.


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